“Curvy girls got it goin on, skinny chicks are nasty.” That’s an example of a popular type of facebook status update I’ve seen in recent days.  Now, as a curvy girl, I appreciate the part that says “curvy girls got it goin on”. But I hate the “skinny chicks are nasty” part.

It seems that in recent years, our society has opened up to talking about curves, loving them, showing them off and embracing our inner Marilyn Monroes. How rad is that?! Pretty rad, I say.  But there’s been huge backlash against skinny girls.  I’ve seen comments on Facebook such as “she needs to eat!  disgusting!” along with “girl looks nasty, why is she starving herself?”  Keep in mind these are comments that people are posting on photos of real people!  Real people, on facebook, on their own profile pages. Presumably people who have emotions, and are vulnerable, just like you and me.

Now, I understand people’s concerns about anorexia and bulimia.  I also understand concerns about obesity.   Anorexia, bulimia, and overeating are diseases, just like alcoholism and drug addiction. They are problems that usually need medical attention, support groups, etc. to overcome.  I am not trying to undermine the seriousness of these diseases.

But disapproving of those diseases is very different than hating on skinny girls. It makes no sense to tell smaller framed women that they are ugly, while simultaneously praising curvy girls. After all, isn’t the whole point of saying that curves are beautiful is to celebrate women and their various body types? What we’re saying when we say that curves are beautiful is that ALL bodies are beautiful. The message should help ease women’s self-conscious tendencies in this age where women’s bodies are critiqued, scrutinized, and discussed every day and in every way.

But that message isn’t being communicated. Take this meme for example.  I saw this posted and reposted probably ten times (all by curvy girls) and every time I did, I just wanted to scream “How do you think this makes the skinny girl feel?”

I have many friends who are naturally thin.  Like, size 2 naturally thin.  One of my friends in particular has an amazing body and always has.  She’s very athletic, but when she goes through periods where she’s not exercising regularly and is eating a bag of Oreos a day.  She just has one of those bodies.  So how do you think she feels when she looks at a picture with the caption “skinny isn’t in”?  She can’t help her skinny body type any more than a curvy woman can help hers.  And she is beautiful.

Do we really need to validate our own curviness by putting others down?  I suppose a lot of the justification for doing so is  “well, it’s not healthy.  They clearly have a health problem that needs to be addressed.  They’re obviously starving themselves, and they need help.”

To which I say, a lot of skinny girls are just naturally skinny: it’s called genetics.  And also, even if they are starving themselves, how is it any of our business?  That is an issue that should be discussed between the woman and her doctor.  It’s not our place to post all over Facebook that skinny girls need help and are ugly.

As a woman (a curvy woman, remember!) I am fucking proud of my body.  And I will say that to the world.  But I think skinny girls should feel just as proud of their figures as I do –  because they are beautiful women, too.

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