lush cosmetics animal testing

A 24 year old at Lush Cosmetics was recently subjected to 10 hours of force feeding and injections. Because the new CEO of Lush is a gentleman with a penchant for white face powder that you may know as Pinhead.

This guy wants to offer you an exfoliant.

No, not really. It’s an animal rights thing. The Daily Mail reports that:

Jacqueline volunteered for her starring role in the deliberately shocking performance to underline a campaign aimed at drawing attention to the pain and cruelty inflicted on animals during laboratory tests on cosmetics.

Dressed in nothing but a flesh-coloured body stocking, she was put on display in the shop window of Lush cosmetic store’s branch in Regent Street, London, to re-enact widely used tests.

The ‘cruelty-free’ chain is helping to spearhead a Humane Society International campaign to end cosmetic testing on animals.

So, that’s certainly attention-grabbing, and possibly noble. I don’t know if it would necessarily change your opinion on animal rights testing – because animals are not people – but maybe!

Also, I’m really, really sad that Lush isn’t being taken over by pinhead because it would have given them such an exciting new line of products.