oxford comma


I’d like to imagine JFK and Stalin care about the Oxford comma in this instance, even if we never do anymore. And, in an effort to make this a fashion/beauty based post, instead of just “a fun shout out to people who love grammar and think commas are sexy” – which stripper outfit is better, JFK’s or Stalin’s? The answer is Stalin’s, obviously, although I think it’s fair to say one would feel more comfortable wearing JFK’s. So. There are going to be two polls on this now, one on whether you are for or against the Oxford comma one on whether Stalin or JFK has the better outfit. Here are the polls.

[b5poll id=”e84c1067ec76a30d429d967fca5d5cef”].

[b5poll id=”fcdd1afce5d0f0e30f5b1f170760a3e2″].

And check out another wonderful oxford comma graphic.