Nail files are one of those innocuous little beauty tools that you can pick up anywhere and at almost any budget. But Kiss nail guru Michele Pierno shared a few tips with me recently on why you should avoid cheapie nail files and go for a higher quality tool.  Here’s what she has to say:

Grit quality – Cheaper quality files are made with fewer grains per square inch creating more “spaces” between each abrasive granule. Imagine running a file over a nail that “skips” between grains. This can cause tiny tears which will eventually weaken nails.

Rigidity – A good quality file has substantial firmness when run along the nail. When a file is too flexible, achieving the desired shape is more difficult due to instability of the file and it will not withstand a considerable amount of use. Most poor quality files will snap in half with extended use.

Edges – High quality nail files are manufactured using a special process that seals edges to prevent cuts on the skin. Poor quality files skip this process to save money, but at the cost of your skin and cuticles.

You can shop Kiss (their nail files are fab, I swear!) at drugstores nationwide or