Hi there, it’s needles–in-the-face girl, by which I mean that I am also the writer behind Why I Got Botox in My 20’s, and also that my face is smoother than you’d maybe expect for a thin person in her early 30’s.

Recently, I graduated from having Botox injected into my forehead and crow’s feet and fillers injected into my smile lines to also having fillers injected under my eyes. Guess what? It worked instantly, and I am now slightly prettier! Which strikes me as a big improvement over any creams and potions commercially available (haha, Hope in a Jar!)

Call me crazy — I like beauty treatments where you can actually see results.

Here’s what I had done at Verve Laser in NYC:

Performed by Dr. Bracci, EyeRise™ is a new generation injection technique that utilizes a well-known flexible point medical instrument called a cannula to replace the sharp point needle. The EyeRise™ technique utilizes the latest cosmetic dermal fillers (with Juvederm®, and Restylane ® ) to significantly reduce the appearance of aging symptoms around the eye area—dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines (crows feet). Medical cosmetic filler injections provide volume to aging skin. The new EyeRise™ cannula treatment using cosmetic fillers provides better outcomes than traditional needle injections.

I was kind of under the impression that I’d be having fillers injected into that super-delicate “dark circle” area directly under my eye — the area you’re not even supposed to rub when taking off makeup! — but actually, the fillers went into the diagonal crease under my eyes, which strikes me as not particularly different from having fillers injected into my laugh lines, which has also worked out pretty well.

When Dr. Bracci explained the EyeRise™ thing, I was like, “That’s a terrifying place to inject fillers.” He said that he injected fillers into that spot many times per day. We proceeded. The anesthesia hurt a bit, but since I’ve been getting Botox for a couple of years, I was kind of used to it. The cannula thing didn’t hurt a bit. Five minutes later, I looked younger and prettier, and only slightly blotchy and pink.

Even with getting Botox on the same day as the fillers, I actually left looking pretty normal. (I always bring a hat with a brim just in case there’s bruising or swelling.) My eyelids were all numb and tingly for a couple of hours. Something about having numb, heavy eyelids made me want to go home and take a nap, so I did.

Here’s what I pay for the stuff I inject into my face:

Botox: $250 per area, every 3-4 months
Fillers: $500-$1,000 every 6-12 months

The EyeRise™ procedure is currently about $1,000.

So, I guess I spend about $2,000 a year on my face, but seriously, if you have disposable income, what’s more important than your face? $2,000 is the price of a nice new couch. Not many people see my couch.

If you’ve managed to get to your early thirties with no lines, or you’re happy to start aging gracefully even at such a young age, god bless. My post probably sounds crazy. But I feel like my face is changing at record speed, and one of the benefits of having a good job (not blogging, although that’s fun) is being able to do something about it, or at least hold back the tide a (sane) little bit.