By 2050, a Japanese company named The Obayashi Corporation will have finally created an elevator into space. Just what you’ve been waiting for, yes? And lucky you, you only have less than 40 years to go before your wait is officially over. Those 40 years are definitely going to fly by in a flash.

The space elevator will be able to take tourists 20,000 miles above the earth. Can you imagine the view from up there? First we heard that Newt Gingrich plans on a space colony (that is, if he can get himself into the White House), so we covered what we’ll have to wear when that day comes. Now it’s time we cover the make-up end of things. Because you can never be too prepared when trying to look good for the future.

I’m picturing a lot of silver and shimmery cosmetics, as well as planet-inspired themes. It will be the future after all, and hasn’t Hollywood taught us the future is rather metal-like in its look? I think yes.