Listen, I don’t want to undermine The Gloss’ Gallery of Cosmetic Cowardice — first of all, it’s amazing, and second of all, if you look hard enough, you’ll realize that I’m in there, cowardly as ever.

And I especially don’t want to undermine those fine women who submitted their pictures to the XOJane gallery of make-up free heroism, the same gallery that started this week’s unofficial theme of “what constitutes bravery.” But I’m afraid that no matter to which gallery we submitted, we’ve all just been shown up: Willow Smith, 11, has shaved her head.

Ladies, that takes balls. Do we want to call it bravery? I’d certainly argue that it’s braver than forgoing lipstick (or…um…wearing lipstick). Ridding yourself of your hair as a woman (or in this case, a very famous girl) flies in the face of pretty much every beauty expectation, and it actually makes you quite vulnerable. Or at least, that’s how I imagine it would be, because I will be the first to admit that I’ve never tried it. Having a shaved head is a really, really scary idea. Did I mention that Willow is 11?

Anyway, I’m sure that about 1% of you are cracking your knuckles right now and gearing up to tell me about that one time you shaved your head, too, and you will make it seem like my percentages are off because no one is going to be all, “yeah, no, I’ve never shaved my head” in the comments section because that would be a dumb comment. So instead, how about a poll? I’ve just hypothesized (a little exaggeratedly, but I’ll stick by it) that approximately 99% of us have not shaved our heads. I’m not afraid to be wrong.

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