winky lux chill pill

Anyone who’s known me for even a fraction of a second knows that I have a mildly unhealthy love for lipstick. Like, when I die, I’d like to be buried in all of my half-used tubes, because God knows I’ll have enough of them to get the job done. So when a brand that I’ve only just heard of announces that they’ll be launching a new limited edition collection that not only has great colors, but also unique packaging, I get over my temporary obsession with Ellie Goulding‘s upcoming MAC collab and switch gears.

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Winky Lux is an online-only cosmetic company that absolutely needs to be on your radar. Honestly, I’m not sure how I’ve made to this point in my life without at least being aware of its existence. All of their products are cruelty free, sustainably made in the United States, and since it’s an e-commerce brand, they can offer major discounts and savings and can sell high end luxury products at a drugstore price. Winky Lux frequently partners with other brands for limited edition collections, all of which sell out pretty quickly. Their newest collab is with best-selling authors BETCHES (or perhaps better known by their popular Instagram, @betches), and it’s almost too cute for words. Almost. If it were actually too cute for words, this article wouldn’t exist.

The limited edition PILL BOX collection features a “Chill Pill” and a “Happy Pill,” both of which are tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand:

chill pill

As you can see, the packaging is black and pink—classic #betches colors. The lipstick shades, Meow (the Chill Pill) and City (the Happy Pill) are both highly pigmented and perfect for daytime and nighttime wear:

winky lux full

Plus, they glide right on. Seriously, this might be one of the easiest, most usable lipstick bullets I’ve ever encountered. The colors are pretty true to the bullet too:


The pill-box set comes with box shades and retails for $26, so it’s the perfect holiday gift (or is it a stocking stuff? Can someone explain what a stocking stuffer even is?) for the makeup junkie in your life. So basically, if you were worried about what to get me for the holidays, consider this a good place to start.

The PILL BOX collection is available to shop now on Winky Lux!

(Photos: Courtesy of WinkyLux, Sara Steinfeld/The Gloss)