There are stunning lip products that launch almost every single week, but it’s rare for a new launch to grab the entire internet’s attention and hold it. Winky Lux succeeded with its Flower Balm. Not only did it give lips a pretty, hydrated finish, it also contained an actual flower. If you had to get a Flower Balm in every single color, you’re going to like Winky Lux’s latest launch because they’re coming up with a shimmery version of the original with the new Glimmer Balm ($14).

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The Glimmer Balm is described on the Winky Lux website as “magic in a tube.” And the brand isn’t exaggerating when it says that. While it might not be able to perform Harry Potter-level spells, the Glimmer Balm goes on clear then reacts with your body’s pH to produce your very own pink shade with a touch of shimmer.

If you’re after a unicorn glow, the lip balm is the perfect thing to complement your holographic highlighter thanks to its prismatic finish. It provides a healthy dose of shimmer without drying out lips or making it feel like you have a thick coating of sand stuck to your lips.

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The Winky Lux Glimmer Balm launched on July 11 but it’s currently sold out. However, you can join the wait list to get your hands on the shimmering lippy when the next shipment drops.