We’re just over two weeks away from Valentine’s Day. Brands are getting into the romantic spirit by launching their Valentine’s Day beauty collections and special one-off products. If you’re after something special, you will want to check out the new Winky Lux Steal My Heart Lipstick Pills ($14).

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As you can see from the photo, the lipstick bullets are in fact shaped like hearts. If you’ve been following Winky Lux on Instagram, you will know that there was a vote to decide on the final design, and this one is the winner.


The duo-core lipstick deposits a pretty stain on lips that you can build up depending on the intensity you’re after. There are three shades to choose from with romantic names including Call Me (exotic orange-red), Kiss Me (classic red) and Be Mine (baby pink).

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All three of the colors come in Winky Lux’s signature pill lipstick case design. This one features a gold exterior with a contrasting silver inside. What’s more, each lipstick pill comes in a pretty floral cardboard package.


You can shop the Winky Lux Be Mine Steal My Heart Lipstick Pills now on the Winky Lux website. Grab yours now before everyone runs to buy theirs in the last-minute Valentine’s Day shopping rush.

(Photos: Winky Lux)