Different animals and magical crystals might sometimes steal our attention, but we will never, ever let go of our love for cats. After all, they’re purrrrfect. If you’re looking for more feline themed things to add to your collection, Winky Lux has released the Purrfect Pouts ($16).

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These cheery lipsticks are so sweet. Instead of the packaging simply nodding to the cat theme, the actual lipstick bullets are embossed with tiny contrasting cat heads. They’re so cute that you will almost not want to use them.

Of course we know you will want to use them for the pretty formulas. All four shades go on sheer for an effortless makeup look. Plus, they deliver a buttery soft finish courtesy of jojoba oil and vitamin E. The shades include pun-tastic cat names like Fur-ever (red), Kiss & Tail (hot pink), Pawsh (pastel orange) and Purrincess (cotton candy pink).

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The lipsticks join some other adorable cat-themed beauty products including the Cashmere Kitten Palette ($25), the Mermaid Kitten Palette ($25) and the Kitten Palette ($25). All of the Winky Lux cat products are available now on the brand’s website.