Fall/Winter may be the most exciting season for fashion, but it wreaks absolute havoc on your beauty routine. Just when you start thinking cool coats, boots and sweaters can provide all you need when the temperature drops… the cold air kicks in. Suddenly, your skin’s all flaky, your lips are chapped, your cuticles are dry, you’ve got hat head from that supposedly fashionable knit cap and, yup, you still have to slather yourself in sunscreen even though it’s dark out before you leave the office.

…Luckily, there’s Birchbox, your one-stop shop for every product to beat the winter blues. Birchbox is an awesome monthly subscription service that sends you different luxury beauty samples every month for your perusing pleasure. Of course, they also have a fully fledged store, so you can move beyond the sample stage and take the plunge on any products you discover and love.

The Birchbox store is currently stocked to the brim with perfect cold weather defenses and we have a few tips on good choices: give your hair a break with Shu Uemura‘s cult classic Nourishing Oil, gently exfoliate parched skin with Caudelie‘s ingenius Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Crème, spread soothing Jurlique Rose Hand Cream over chapped mits, and–seriously!–just because it’s overcast doesn’t mean you can neglect sunscreen, so we’ll add that Kiehl’s makes one of our favorites.

But! Birchbox doesn’t just offer emergency resuscitation for seasonally-brittle hair and skin, it’s also the answer to all your Fall beauty needs: Zoya‘s frosty pastel polishes are dead-on for winter, light up a room with rosy cheeks and lips thanks to Benefit‘s classic all-purpose stain Benetint, and our beloved NARS Orgasm Illuminator will perk up pale skin all year round.

Still can’t decide on something? That’s the beauty of Birchbox. Sign up now to snag that monthly box of samples, then you can pick up full size versions of the things you love. Birchbox carries so many of our favorite names in the industry — NARS, Smashbox, StilaKérastase — featuring products that run the gamut from high-tech to all natural, with make-up, skincare and fragrance in between. It’s getting colder, you guys, and those naturally golden cheeks are fading fast.

Check out Birchbox… and stay warm!