Cheek injections

Plastic surgery is at all-time high, what with all the normals trying to look like famous people (famouses?) and the long-lost sisters trying to look like LiLo. But while techniques have become increasingly advanced in the past several years, sometimes, procedures can still go horribly wrong, such as Chinese woman Xiao Lian’s.

Apparently, Xiao Lian of the Guangdong Province in China had always “hated the thinness of her face,” particularly after her employee told her, “Your face is so thin, you look like a pauper.” So, at just 17-years-old, she decided to get cheek injections. But when she couldn’t afford a reputable clinic’s prices, she opted elsewhere (for the record, you should never do with with surgery, tattoos, or anything else that can seriously impact your health). The cheaper clinic’s prices were more within her range — which was presumably minimal since she was 17-years-old, oh my goodness — and she achieved the results she wanted.

However, a few years down the road in 2009, Xiao Lian’s face began to swell. IIt became so swollen, in fact, that her features began to change shape. As of 2013, she is almost unrecognizable from her previous appearance. So, what was the issue? Upon a check up to determine what was wrong, Xiao Lian found out it was the cheap doctor’s choice of injectables:

She discovered that the substance injected into her face was hydrophilic polyacrylamide gel. Previously used for breast augmentation, its sale was now banned in China due to the harm it caused to the body.

While I realize people can have plastic surgery from an experienced, safe professional and experience positive results, I wish there were no such thing as “plastic surgery trends” or partners encouraging spouses to get procedures done. The less pressure there is to change your appearance, the less likely people will resort to desperate measures that could result in unsafe treatments like Xiao Lian’s. If you have any procedure done, please do your research: be sure to find an extremely reputable place with lots of experience that adheres to all standards applicable to plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements of any kind. It’s just like tattoos: if you pay very little, you could wind up with a lot of regret.

[H/T RocketNews 24, photo via Shutterstock]