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Contrary to popular delusion, most women have facial hair. Some have less than others, some have more. Some remove it, some let it go. And some use theirs to make the world suck less. It’s No-Shame November!

Last year, we wrote about one awesome woman who grew a beard for charity. This year, another lady badass is doing the same.

Sarah Hull, a 29-year-old English woman, has an above average amount of facial hair that stems from her polycystic ovarian syndrome. Tired of shaving and feeling embarrassed about circumstances outside her control, Hull is participating in Movember— she’s raising money and awareness for men’s cancer by forgoing hair removal for 30 days.

“A lot of people are asking why I’m doing this. I think it’s just to, first of all, [raise a lot of money for] the cancer charities, but also to raise awareness of polycystic ovaries,” Hull tells the Daily Mail. She later adds, “My cousin does it every year and I just thought, I have a moustache. I might as well raise some money with it.” Are you standing on your chair and applauding? Me too.

While the Daily Mail takes a rather Daily Mail-ish approach to Hull’s story and attempts to make her facial hair “problem” seem extraordinarily strange, the cool part of this story isn’t that Hull can sprout a beard– it’s that she has the courage to let it grow. There’s a huge stigma against female facial hair, but having it is not uncommon at all. (Left to their own devices, my brows and stache could easily claim my whole face.) Hull seems to get that, and she’s just using Movember to do some good and have some fun. “I might grow a full beard,” she says. “You never know! I don’t know what will happen, but it should be fun.”

The hugest of high-fives to Sarah Hull, last year’s champion Siobhain Fletcher, and all the other pioneers sticking up for hairy ladies. Stories like theirs will hopefully make a big impact on the way our culture talks about women’s hair.