Removing Mascara Fail

Nina Malyna//Shutterstock

This just put the “bomb” in COVERGIRL‘s Bombshell Volume mascara. ABC Arizona is reporting that a woman claims that using the new mascara made her eyelashes fall out. Amy Schavolt says that the now badly-named mascara made her lashes come out when she tried to remove it:

“I was wiping downward with the cotton ball and noticed a chunk of my eyelashes fell into the palm of my hand.”

To add insult to injury, Schavolt also says that three people actually came up to her on the very day asked what had happened to her eyes. Well, at least she knows she has very perceptive lash fanatics as friends.

The product may not be a complete disaster. Schavolt said the mascara did lengthen her lashes and gave her eyes “a little bit of that pop.” I don’t think that makes up for the fact that she’ll be wearing fake lashes for the next three months until her real lashes grow back though.

COVERGIRL released the following statement in response to the claims:

“COVERGIRL values all feedback from women who use our products, and takes their input and reviews to heart. Many women have told us that they love a dramatic, dark lash look from a mascara with staying power. But, some other women have said they find mascaras like Bombshell difficult to remove. So, we’ve taken steps to more broadly communicate the need to use an oil-based remover with long-lasting mascaras. For example, there is a how-to video tutorial on our YouTube channel, and we regularly respond to questions from women who call, or contact us in social media. In addition, we are in the process of updating the Bombshell packaging to advise use of an oil-based remover.”

If you thought that the Schavolt may have accidently mistaken her eye makeup remover for Nair (hey, it could happen), this isn’t the only complaint. The Bombshell Mascara has a dismal two star rating on the COVERGIRL website. Here is just snippet of the negative reviews:

“I am very disappointed with this product. My tops lashes will constantly stick to my bottom lashes.”

“Worst. Mascara. Ever.”

“Epic Fail. First of all application is impossible with the giant container and short wands. The first step clunks [sic]up immediately, and the second step is impossible to apply since you have nothing but clumps from step one. And removes easily? Trash!”

“I can’t even get it off with GOOD makeup remover – terrible product! Do yourself a favor, and DO NOT purchase this!”

“WORST CoverGirl product ever!”

So remember the next time that you are disappointed that your new mascara didn’t give you lashes anywhere near the ones the model had in the magazine advertisement, be thankful you still have lashes that you can apply mascara too–even if they are stubby.