thigh high

Advertising is weird now, isn’t it? Personally, I’m convinced that all of Occupy Wall Street may just have been a viral marketing ploy to promote The Newsroom. I don’t know. They’re making it seem that way in every single advertisement. And I know that we have flash mobs, and Kim Kardashaian is being paid… how much is she being paid to promote things on her Twitter? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s an ungodly amount.

And now we have women flashing logos for various products on their thighs.

According to The Guardian:

A PR agent in Tokyo is trying to get attention in the advert-saturated capital by placing adverts on young women’s thighs. Participants, who must be over 18, are recommended to wear miniskirts and long socks to draw attention to the campaigns. More than 3,000 women registered to give up their skin to become ‘billboards’

The advertisements look more or less like temporary tattoos, so I don’t think they’re actually that much of a sacrifice. I think wearing miniskirts and thigh highs would be a pain, because thigh highs are always slipping down, and miniskirts make it hard to cross your legs. However, I do wonder if anyone will actually notice that these are advertisements, as opposed to just thinking that women have some tattoos of products on their legs. If I saw someone with a coke bottle on their thigh, I think I would just assume that they were the kind of person who liked that kind of thing, or were just really into Andy Warhol.

Picture via Getty