blow-out workout

Your blow-out will be so good you'll be able to pull off this 80's leotard

Do you ever get a blow-out in the morning and then realize that you have to skip your work-out so as not to destroy it? Does it lead into a glorious spiral of skipping work-outs forever, and just lying on the couch eating thin-mint cookies like some sort of 19th century harem lady? That sounds fabulous. I admire that.

However, if you actually feel inconvenienced that you have to skip that work-out, well, I have solved that problem for you! Or rather Gregory Patterson, a stylist at Blow (a New York blow dry bar) has that problem solved. Here are his tips for keeping your blow-out intact:

1. Before working out, poof Blow Pro Faux Dry Dry Shampoo all over your hair, especially in the back of the neck area and at your roots. This will absorb moisture and sweat, and help your blowout endure your workout.  

2. Keep you hair up in a high ballerina bun to safeguard your wave. Secure with hairpins or bobby pins, not elastics, as they will put a kink into your bun.

3. Wear a sweat/headband to absorb moisture around hairline and to keep unruly hairs pinned down.

4. After your workout, switch out your wet sweatband for a dry one, and wear until your hair is dry again. This is an old “wrapping method” used to keep curly/coarse hair safe after blowing it out. But I apply this method to all hair types that have baby hairs around the hairline that tend to be difficult to manage. 

5. Before taking down your bun, blow dry on medium speed/high heat to get the moisture out of the bun. This will also heat the wrapped bun and will act like a giant roller to bring your wave back. Allow the bun to cool before releasing it.  

6. Use another poof of Blow Pro Faux Dry through your roots to revitalize volume. Then scrunch a minimal amount of Blow Pro Beach Blow, a sea salt texturizing spray, to bring back your wave and body. Secure in your style by blow drying with Blow Pro Blow Out Non-Stick Hairspray to enhance shine. Top it all off with a few mists Blow Pro Time to Shine 3-D Illuminating Mist that will penetrate your locks and leave hair looking shiny and beautiful, without the added weight and residue.