Bodypaint Festival 2014 CrownMastering how to contour your face has nothing on these bodypainters. You’ve heard about the body painter who uses black light, but clearly he isn’t the only one who prefers skin to canvas.

The Bodypainting Festival took place in Pörtschach am Wörthersee, Austria this weekend. Yes, it is a proper event, complete with its own Bodypaint city. The expo started in 1998 and there is music, fashion shows, demos and even world championships. Clearly, this isn’t for those of us who don’t know how to use makeup brushes properly.

At the world championships artists from 47 countries compete in different categories including, brush/sponge, airbrush, UV light and special effects. The results are freaking awesome. I just hope the winning model gets a lifetime supply of makeup remover because judging from these photos, she is going to be cleaning colored paint out of her pores for a long time.

Take a look at some of the photos and try not to feel guilty about the fact you have yet to figure out how to apply straight eyeliner.
Bodypaint Festival 2014 AlienThis alien-flower-fairy hybrid almost doesn’t look real. Her painted face manages to look like bad photoshop mixed with a painting, in the coolest possible way.
Bodypaint Festival 2014 Back

I’m glad to see that this model was able to show of her patriotic pride with striped “socks” an blue star heels.
Bodypaint Festival 2014 Deer Hat

Based on how elaborate this is, I wouldn’t be surprised if that hose is functional and full of sparkly rainbow water. It would make the makeup removal a lot easier.Bodypaint Festival 2014 Medusa

This terrifies me a bit, but it still looks awesome. Is it just me, or do her boobs remind you of Pokemon balls? She must have been inspired by this bra tutorial.Bodypaint Festival 2014 Yellow Blue

Maybe this is where Nars Fire Down Below lipstick name came from and not a STD like I originally thought.

(Photos:  Jan Hetfleisch/Getty Images)