The subject of dreams (and giving them up) has been all over the site lately. Today, our colleague Jen Dziura reminded us some dreams are stupid. So, speaking of stupid dreams, an Arizona woman named Susanne Eman, 33, wants to become the world’s biggest bride*. She also wants to shatter lots of repair work done by fat positive activists.

Eman weighs 520lbs. Her goal is 1,600lbs. For breakfast, she eats “an enormous breakfast of pancakes, Belgian waffles, hash browns, sausage links, steak, and a giant 12-egg omelette.” Her story is brimming with all the ugly little details the Daily Mail loves, such as “[her wedding gown] is so large it takes three people to carry it, and half an hour to lace up at the back,” or “[The designer will need] 45ft of fabric to complete the dress […] to fit the bride’s XXXXXXXXXL figure.”

Apparently, in order to get to her goal weight, Eman will eat 30,000 calories a day.

It’s worth noting this story isn’t really about fat people. It’s about insane people. It’s about people who are so desperate for media attention they’ll sacrifice their own health. Eman has much more in common with Sarah Burge than someone who just eats too much.

Here’s some video:


*Note: You may have already heard about this, because Eman and her pathological need to gain weight appeared on Dr. Phil, but it’s just making the rounds on British tabloids today and that’s how we get news over here.

(The Mail)