This morning, we learned Megan Fox got the French Grazia cover, with some of her back tattoos stripped away (so as not to interfere with cover type, commenters suggest). Last week, Vogue was criticized by straight-laced style bloggers for not erasing Charlize Theron‘s tiny ankle tattoo. This got us thinking: which celebrity tattoos would we like to Photoshop away forever? Here they are, including Fred Durst‘s loving tribute to Kurt Cobain… Dennis Rodman‘s lady with a giganatic penis…Amber Portwood‘s floating baby head… and so many more.

Note: A little while back Jennifer made a similar gallery, but there have been many advancements in bad celebrity tattoos since!


(Another note! We didn’t include tattoos that celebrities have gotten removed because good on them! This leaves Megan Fox’s Marilyn Monroe exempt, along with Angelina Jolie‘s once-glorious Billy Bob).