To be perfectly honest, I feel like I would handle wedding preparations the way I’d handle any other major event where I’d be wearing a pretty dress. Which is to say I’d think about losing weight for it, and tell myself I was going to lose weight, and give up carbs for like a week, and then eat a croissant. Fuck, like, 4 croissants. So. My answer on the “would you lose weight for your wedding” question is an enthusiastic “yes, and also, no!”

It’s a more pressing question for Andrea Grimes over at The Frisky who realized that brides were pretty much expected to diet. Grooms, not so much! She notes:

Wedding weight loss is something we expect almost exclusively of women. Do a Google Image search for “wedding fitness,” and you’ll find a grand total of one groom exercising. It’s a shitshow out there, folks, with millions of blogs and websites, you know, really helpfully and supportively encouraging women to believe that their bodies are inadequate. (Hey, this is fun: I Googled “groom weight loss” and before I cleared the top 10, I was recommended an advertisement for weight loss in Groom, Texas and a Men’s Health article about how to shave properly for a job interview. So.)

That seems crazy, right? Especially since the groom is mostly a shiny, muscular prop to offset your dress? No? Never mind! I think Kim Kardashian took over my soul for a second, there. A while ago Meghan (who writes Say Yes To The Mess) went on one with her fiance and claimed:

When I started the diet, I made food and salads to bring to work. It was so ambitious! But I stopped having time to plan meals ahead (or go grocery shopping for dinner) about two months ago. At this point, I just know the places near my office and apartment that offer things I can eat, and I walk into one when I need food. Between work and wedding planning, with all the things I’m crossing off lists, it’s been awesome having one less thing to worry about. The fact that I’ve lost some weight has been a bonus.

So it does work for some people!

Anyhow. Wedding diet – would you do it?

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