Word on the street that Brazilian Blowouts are dangerous has been spreading for some time. Is it fact? Is it fiction?

Well, according to a letter released by the FDA, the hair treatment really is bad for your health. The organization told the makers of Brazilian Blowout that the product is unsafe because it releases formaldehyde when heat is applied to it (like…you know…with a hair straightener or a blowdryer, which is how the product is intended to be used). It also noted that the company was misbranding the product because they call it “formaldehyde free” and…it isn’t.

According to Time magazine, the FDA is giving Brazilian Blowout until the middle of this month to address these concerns, or the product will be seized.

In other words, if you want to get one and you’re really not afraid of inhaling carcinogens, get your ass to a salon this week.