Colored highlighters have been having a moment, but blush? Not so much. Makeup artists on Instagram seem to have collectively realized this and did something about it. And that’s why yellow blush is now blowing up on our social feeds.

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We know what you’re thinking: Yellow blush? Really? While it’s definitely a departure compared to our traditional red and pink blushes, it actually produces a fun, sunny look that’s perfect for celebrating the warmer weather and festival season.

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If you want to try the look out, choosing the right formula is essential. While you won’t find a yellow blush as easily as you would a more conventional color, you can easily recreate the look with pigments or any sunny shadows.

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When it comes to your application, start off with a light wash of color and you can gradually build up from there. It helps if you apply a product with a sheer formula until you’ve adjusted to wearing a not-so-mellow shade of yellow on your cheeks. From there, you can build up the intensity.

Yellow is an often ignored color in our makeup bags. We rarely see it used on eyes and it is one of the rare hues that we don’t see prominently in unconventional lipstick colors. Normally it is just relegated to nail polish colors. The yellow blush trend is changing things for the better, and we cannot wait to see where it will take us next. Next stop green blush?