women diet

It’s because you ate all the chocolate, because of your weak, womanly soul.

No, that’s actually not it. However, f you have ever tried to diet alongside a male friend, you will learn “don’t.” You will learn that is a dumb, frustrating idea. They are going to stop drinking sugary soda and lose 15 pounds, you are going to survive on kale and sunlight and lose maybe two pounds. Bob Harper explains that there is an actual reason for this other than God hating you, which he tell Time is because:

Women carry approximately 10% more of their body weight in fat. Furthermore, several studies have shown that a man’s metabolism is anywhere from 3% to 10% higher than a woman’s of the same weight and age. That brings us to a physiological truth: the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be and the more calories you will burn, even when resting… The type of extra weight you’re carrying matters too. Men tend to have more visceral fat, the kind that accumulates deep in the body, mostly around the organs in their midsections. It may not jiggle around, but it can give a guy some added girth or a big gut. Women have more subcutaneous fat, which sits just under the skin (most often in your hips and thighs).

Then he goes on to claim that it’s also because women are emotional eaters, so it is because you ate all the chocolate, because you have a womanly weak soul. But also because you have less muscle mass and accumulate fat differently! Hurrah!  Chocolate bars to celebrate!

Pic via Trae Patton/NBC