La Toya Jackson is back, you guys. She guest hosted on The View a couple of times, there were all these rumors that she was going to be on Dancing with the Stars (and I can’t tell you how much we wished La Toya got the spot they inexplicably gave to Kate freaking Gosselin), and now she’s the face of a “luxury hand care product” from German brand Alessandro International. No, I don’t know how someone can be the face of hand cream either, but clearly La Toya exists on a different plane than we mere mortals. The cream costs 169 euros, or $226.69. From the description:

The 100-ml. cream comes in a container topped with 285 Crystallized-Swarovski Elements intended as a showpiece for the bathroom or boudoir. The vanilla, sweet almond and patchouli-scented cream contains diamond powder, malachite, shea butter, peptides and more; it’s Alessandro’s first high-end, luxury product.

As if that wasn’t enough to make me want to fly to Germany just to buy a tub of the stuff, let me remind you about this glorious video La Toya made. If this doesn’t permanently solidify her status as a beauty icon, I don’t know what will.