Would you like to smell like your favorite wine? If your answer to that question is somehow not “I do already, as I’ve been drinking it all day,” perhaps you’ll be into this wine perfume by Kelly&Jones (a clever expansion on its creator’s name, which is simply Kelly Jones). Inspired by the delicious taste of wine, Jones created five scents which combine wine smells with other smells, like those top notes of vanilla, citrus, pear, and bergamot that those annoying wine menus always promise, but which I never detect because they made them up. (If wine really tasted like these things…well, it would be even tastier. But I digress.)

I’m a little bit torn on this, because while I love wine, it enrages me when things I’m not actually able to consume things that smell like food. But maybe it would be okay, so long as I kept a glass of Merlot in my hand at all times. Perhaps I’ll give it a whirl and report back.

(Via Refinery 29)