Look at the picture of this dashing young man, whose movies you have certainly seen.

ian mckellen  youngIt’s Ian McKellen. Being awesome, and kingly, obviously. There’s a great interview with him in this month’s Vanity Fair, where he talks about coming out and roles he’d like to play, and says this, which made me like him even more than I already did:

He’s clearly no cultural snob. “I’m a snob about standards,” he explained. “But I don’t find anything odd at all in being known for playing Gandalf. I couldn’t be happier about it. Other people tend to get snobbish on my behalf. ‘It must be dreadful to always be thought of as Gandalf,’ they say. Well, I can’t always be thought of as Richard III!”


At which he ordered dessert and cheerfully imagined the inscription on his gravestone: here lies gandalf. he came out. “That would do it! We needn’t mention Macbeth.”

So, that is how he is the best.