I will probably always think of Michael Caine as the Grandfatherly abortionist of The Cider House Rules. He also ran an orphanage. That character, not Michael Caine. In case you felt like “grandfatherly abortionist” were not two words that went together. You know, perhaps I should just say that I think of him in a grandfatherly sense. That feels more appropriate.

Michael Caine seems old, is what I’m saying. He seems old like he has been old forever, even in Alfie.

Well, I guess Life Magazine really proved me wrong:

michael caine

They remark that:

LIFE.com celebrates the man’s career with a series of previously unpublished photos from 1966, made by LIFE’s Bill Ray. Of Caine himself — who at the time was divorced from his first wife, Patricia Haines (1932 – 1977) but had not yet married the woman to whom he’s still married today, the former model Shakira Baksh — Ray recalls that “there is a very fine line between being lazy and being laid back, and Caine knew exactly were that line was. He worked all the time but never broke a sweat. He always knew his lines, but was in no hurry to blurt them out. If things broke down on the set, he was happy in his trailer listening to The Four Tops or grabbing a nap. He was simply made for the movie business.”

He also apparently looked like Peter Sellers. Good to know.

Picture via Life.time.com