I believe that women and men should do just about whatever they want to their bodies cosmetically. I believe that how you look is entirely up to you, because it’s your appearance and nobody else’s. If “fixing” your nose by altering it is what you wish, then go for it. If getting lipo on your hips sounds appealing and you have the money, by all means, do it (after proper research, of course!). That said, I do not think that kids under 18 should be allowed to have serious cosmetic procedures done. I just plain do not find young plastic surgery ethical whatsoever.

Two young UK women who, when 15, each were gifted a huge “present” from their mother: plastic surgery. More specifically, Karen and Jennifer Lopez (f’real real name) received liposuction, breast implants, buttock fillers and rhinoplasty. While this level of surgery is not permitted in countries of the United Kingdom, the pair were unfortunately able to acquire such “gifts” in the Colombian city of Cali, where their family was originally from.

On “This Morning” yesterday, the sisters discussed their surgeries with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. Jennifer, now 23, was first to get the surgeries in order to look more like the singer with whom she shares a name. Though she had planned on “simply” getting an operation on her breasts, she was tempted by a “package deal” offered by surgeons and wound up getting liposuction and a procedure wherein doctors removed fat from her stomach and injected it into her behind to produce more “natural” results than regular implants. Karen, now 20, followed suit a few years later.


Total, the surgeries cost £4,000, plus £3,000 in flights. The girls didn’t pay, however, because their mother was the one who footed the bill and encouraged them to get the surgery. She had previously had surgery, and after initially saying no, she decided to allow and fund both daughters’ operations. She says:

“I know some people say bad things, but when I spoke to the doctor about the surgery he said it was okay … Both the girls were concerned about their bodies and I wanted them to be happy.”

One of the saddest things? Karen says that since she had her surgeries, her curves attracted too much male attention and that she is “constantly bothered” by men’s behaviors toward her butt. Regardless of how her ass is or how she looks post-surgery, these men obviously should never make her uncomfortable in that way. It has always baffled me that women with larger breasts and hips are somehow seen as being inherently ultra-sexual beings deserving of catcalls, rudeness and gross RSVPs to nonexistent invitations.

As for Jennifer, she told The Sun in a separate recent interview that she loves the attention. “I felt like there was nothing about me — no boobs or bum, no defined figure. I just felt like a blob. Since having my surgery, I’ve had so much attention from men. I love it.”

Though Karen insists she is completely fine with the results (despite the unwanted attention), she does admit that her behavior may differ from her mother’s in the future.

“If they were unhappy with their bodies and if they maybe want to do surgery, I would support them. But not at a young age.”

Regardless of your opinion of plastic surgery, I think it’s just a not a good idea to allow your 15-year-old daughter to make decisions about her body — which may not even be done growing yet — that could harm her or permanently affect her. And I don’t think it would be advisable to accept “package deals” on surgeries, regardless of how tempting it is. Plastic surgery is a serious medical decision, not a BOGO sale on Forever 21 flats.

The sisters say that they’re happy with the results and their appearances nowadays, though Jennifer has had a couple more surgeries since and Karen stated that she would get lipo if she were ever to gain weight. They maintain that these body choices were right for them, regardless of age:

“The only downside is getting too much male attention from sleazy men. Some girls hate on us, calling us fake, but I think it’s just jealousy.

“I know people will think we were too young, but we were really insecure and it gave us back our self-esteem. I’m not surprised more young girls want surgery, there are so many perfect images of celebrities, it’s hard not to feel the pressure. We did. But if you have the money and it makes you happy, why not do it? Life’s too short to feel unhappy.”

While I agree that life is too short to feel unhappy, I also think it’s too short to spend your adolescent years waiting to get cosmetic surgeries and desperately hoping to acquire potentially dangerous breast implants.

Photo: ITVCloser Online.