The annual Allure Catalyst Report polled American women about their beauty and beauty-buying habits. While this poll is mostly designed to be used more by the beauty companies themselves, here are some of the results. I would love to hear where you fit in on these:

Women use 13 beauty products at least once a week and use 7 brands regularly.

It would cost $199 to replace all of her beauty products.

The Kaybots and the like (um, Mary Kay and other home sales) are getting 19% of your beauty dollars (this surprises me a little), while Sepora and the like are getting 12%. 14% shop online (this surprises me too – I never shop OFFLINE if I can help it), leaving the bulk of you shopping at the drug stores, supermarkets, department stores and the Super Wal-Mart. ;) I would like to know what chunk THEY take of your beauty dollars. I bet its not small. ;)

You like the cost of beauty products least of all when shopping (duh…lol), then comes the pushy salespeople and being overwhelmed by choices. Sounds like fun, huh? Perhaps you should try shopping online!

Last but not least – you leave the house with four beauty items in your purse – heading the list are lip balm, lotion, lipstick and lipgloss. Is this you?

As for me, you KNOW I buy all my products online – I am probably very faithful to 7 brands (off the top of my head – Smashbox, Paul Mitchell, Bioelements, bare escentuals, MAC, Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder), it would cost me WAY more than $199 to replace my beauty routine, I get overwhelmed by all the choices and in my purse I carry lipgloss, portable mineral foundation (Neutrogena at the moment, but I really don’t like it other than its portability), and mascara.

How about you? How do you line up with this poll?

Source: WWD