Remember when we used to look at a magazine once a month and that was the only time when you were introduced to new beauty products? Sounds like absolute craziness when you think about it since now we’re surrounded by new products no matter where we are: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and especially YouTube.

Whether you’re watching someone’s monthly favorites, a makeup tutorial or a get ready with me video, you’re exposed to anywhere from 2 to 20 products and chances are you started a mental list of things you’re going to purchase next time you hit up the drugstore or your local Sephora.

Whether we want to admit it or not, YouTube beauty vloggers are super influential. You watch them weekly. You trust them. You love everything they recommend. You know that when they rave about a product, it’ll be in your collection within days. There are actually some products that were simply put on the map by YouTubers.

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Nivea Men’s Shave Balm


You can thank NikkieTutorials if you’ve had the chance to try this baby out. After having nothing to moisturize her skin, she tried her boyfriend’s Nivea Men’s Shave Balm and realized it’s literally the most perfect makeup primer. She now uses it in literally every video. If you’ve watched her videos, chances are you’ve gone out and grabbed this balm to use as a makeup primer. I know I did! Best part is it can replace a $40 primer and only cost you about $6.

MAC 135 Large Flat Powder Brush


The Queen of bronzed, glowy skin, Desi Perkins, introduced the YouTube world to this beauty. This MAC brush is the perfect shade and density to fit in the hollows of your cheeks and bronze up your skin. Since it’s so fluffy, it doesn’t leave you with a crazy chiseled contour, but more of a natural this-is-actually-how-my-face-looks look to your skin. When I was at the MAC store purchasing this brush, the cashier told me that she actually uses this brush to apply her liquid foundation. While I’m not sure if that’s how I’d use this beautiful brush, it may be something you want to experiment with at home.

ORG Skincare Mineral Peel Face


If you’re following beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina on Snapchat (if you aren’t you need to be), you’ve seen her infamous (and hilarious) skincare routine walk throughs where she walks you through removing her makeup, cleaning, treating, moisturizing—the whole shabam. One product you see constantly is the ORG Skincare Mineral Peel Face. I remember seeing her use it for the first time and being in amazement that you can see actual dead skin peeling off. You can grab this peel from their website for about $44 or you can jack it from Amazon where it just went on sale for $25!

Artis Brushes


Chances are if you have an Instagram account, you’ve seen one of Nicol Concilio’s mini Instagram makeup tutorials. They’re quick, informative and she makes it look super easy. One thing you also see from Nicol is that she’s constantly using the Artis brushes. I remember when these brushes first came on the market and many YouTubers started to use them, I looked at them and thought that there was no way these worked better than a normal brush. Much to my surprise after testing them out, these brushes are actual miracle workers and you can thank Nicol Concilio for introducing them to the Instagram world.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in “Champagne Pop”


As one of the top beauty YouTubers out there, it only made sense that Jaclyn Hill would collaborate with an amazing brand and create a product that literally everyone and their mother had to have. This is literally the most perfect highlight color for any skintone out there. I find myself reaching for it every single day and using it on literally every client I have in my chair. If you aren’t already on your second or third one yet, you must be doing something wrong.

NYX “Taupe” Blush


For us pale girls out there, Kayla Hagey is one YouTuber you must subscribe to. I love that she caters to the gals who need to add some life to their skin because they look like a ghost otherwise. It’s harder than you’d think to find products that don’t look too fake on pale skin and Kayla Hagey is one to introduce you to many of those products. When contouring first started to become really big, Kayla Hagey introduced us to the NYX “Taupe” Blush to use as a contour shade and it’s literally perfect for more fair-skinned girls. Since it’s incredibly cool toned, it actually looks like a shade that your beautiful cheekbone is creating rather than an orange stripe on the side of your face.

Coty Airspun Powder


I know that if you’re someone like me who binge watches YouTube tutorials, you’ve seen PatrickStarrr baking the shit out of his face. He (hilariously) grabs his Coty Airspun (which he refers to as his “ride or die”) and truly beats his face with this powder only to be left with perfectly baked under eyes and hella chiseled contours. Added bonus? You can grab this product for less than $10 at basically any drugstore or Walmart.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer


Under the eyes, most of us need some serious love. Thanks to Lustrelux, we’ve been introduced to a concealer that literally hides it all. Aside from having all the coverage in the world, this concealer also has some great anti-aging ingredients to help fight the signs of aging under the eyes. I love to use this concealer one shade lighter than normal so highlight my under eyes and make it look like I got a proper amount of sleep.