We need to spend more time on YouTube, because apparently that’s where the next wave of great makeup artists hang out. First there was Cassandra, the girl who made her severe cystic acne vanish with an inspiring foundation tutorial, and now there’s Promise Tamang Phan, who can become just about anyone with a distinct look.

Phan’s got more than half a million subscribers and all we can think is: why not more?! She’s not a professional makeup artist; she’s just a self-taught YouTube beauty tutorial star and holy shit she’s good at it:

Yeah, that’s an eerily dead-on Adriana Lima (Victoria’s Secret wings and all).

How about Nicki Minaj:

Or Scarlett Johansson:

…Or Drake!

With Angelina Jolie, it’s all in the eyes:

And then there’s MJ (where it’s all in the cheekbones):

You can find Promise on YouTube as dope2111. Go visit and we bet you’ll get sucked into an immediate and vicious YouTube spiral, your attentions succumbing to her Mona Lisa tutorial.

We wish we were this good at anything.