Zach Miko TargetThere has been a lot of discussion about seeing a more diverse range of body types in the fashion industry. The United Kingdom recently held its Plus Size Fashion Week. Curvier models like Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham are taking the industry by storm and are quickly becoming household names. There is a lot of body positive things happening but the focus has been on curvier female models. What about the men? Enter Zach Miko, Target‘s first plus size model, and hopefully one of many models to help make the men’s modeling industry more inclusive.

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Stop looking at all of the plaid beauty products from Target’s limited edition collection and click over to the men’s big and tall section, and you will see Zach. There are other models who appear on the site but Zach is the only one who actually seems to fit the description. It seems odd but a lot of male models who are modeling clothes for the big and tall section are those who would fit into the straight sizes.

Zach was also perplexed by it. He told People, “I never understood why looking at big and tall clothing, they show me these Abercrombie & Fitch-style, really cut, really fit guys. These guys aren’t buying XXL tall T-shirts, these guys aren’t buying 42-inch pants, but they’re the guys you see modeling it.” At 6’6″ with a 40-inch waist, Zach is actually a model who fits into the big and tall size range, so it only makes sense that he is the one who is modeling the clothes. How else can anyone get an idea of what the garments are like if they are modeled on someone whose body doesn’t match the one the clothes were designed for?

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The Target shoot was Zach’s first one. He is actually an actor. Chubstr reported that Zach got the gig when his manager saw a friend’s Facebook post about how Target was looking for a big and tall model but they were having a hard time finding anyone they liked. One email later and Zach was on the set the next day for a test shoot.
Zach Miko

Hopefully this is just the start of a successful modeling career for Zach and a real shift in the industry. Zach’s inclusion on the Target website has already received a lot of positive attention in the media. While there is still a ways to gone in terms of being more inclusive with female models, a lot of progress has been made, while the men’s industry hasn’t really been discussed yet. Zach modeling for a big brand like Target will hopefully help ignite the change. Let’s hope that at the next Men’s Fashion Week, we will also see different body types on the runway.

(Photos: Target)