Is it just a coincidence that people that live in the tropics are very healthy and have beautiful skin? Drinking Zico is really making me miss the Caribbean, where I grew up drinking right out of the coconuts that had their tops chopped off with a machete!

Image: Zico

Image: Zico

Islanders know that coconut water provides energy and nutrition and promotes the absorption of food and specifically fat-soluble vitamins. They know that coconut water lowers cholesterol. Studies have shown that islanders with a diet high in coconut showed no harmful medical effect, but when migrating to other countries and lowering their daily coconut intake, their total cholesterol and especially their LDL cholesterol, the so-called really evil one, increased.

The cholesterol–lowering properties of coconut are a direct result of its natural ability to stimulate thyroid function naturally. If the thyroid function stays healthy, cholesterol is converted to vitally necessary anti-aging steroids and DHEA. These help prevent heart disease, senility, obesity and other diseases associated with aging.

Zico Pure Coconut Water is the perfect sports drink. I’m not an athlete, so the fact that it provides energy for optimal workout wasn’t what first attracted me to Zico. I found that Zico Pure Coconut Water is great in smoothies, loads of recipes and delicious to add to coconut cocktails, my favorite even though they are known as the undisputed bimbos of the drinking world. I’m very intelligent, so I …uh… use my brain and drink Zico the morning after as a natural hang-over remedy!

Drink Zico, picture yourself on a tropical island and experience all the wonderful, delicious coconut water benefits.

Go to to find a store near you or purchase online at Pay $24.00 for a 12-pack of 11-oz drinks.