For months, maybe even years, you’ve complained about your job. You’re underappreciated, overworked, no one respects your opinions, and between your cretin coworkers and your Neanderthal boss, you’re not exactly sure why you should even have to pay back your college loans if you’re clearly not even using your degree. Finally, the moment arises, the one where you don’t exactly snap, but rather, something clicks, and you decide enough is enough. In the version you’ll tell your friends later, you pushed your chair out from your desk, stood up, gave the finger to anyone within eyesight and gallantly stormed out the door to pursue something else, something better. Whether you make the scene of all scenes the day you quit, or if you quietly type up your resignation letter and hand it in without making eye contact with the head of Human Resources, you’ve finally done it: you’ve quit your job… and honestly, your life is about to vastly improve.

  1. Respect Galore.
    Do you know how many people hate their jobs, but will probably never grow the cajones to quit them? A lot. If you’re one of the few people out there who can muster the necessary gall to throw caution to the wind and quit your job, you automatically become the personal hero of friends, family and basically everyone who is lucky enough to know you. While they probably won’t throw a parade in your honor (that would require permits and closure of major highways, after all), you will be showered in free drinks and be the topic of conversation for weeks (and if you pull a Steven Slater, for months, maybe even years).
  2. Healthy You.
    The stress of going to your job every day and being beyond miserable is immediately lifted once you quit your job. You’ll find that the weight, that heavy mass of something which you could never quite define is suddenly gone and you’re able to breathe deeper. And that scowl – the one that you held in place for nine hours a day every day – has started to disappear, pushing back your need for Botox even further. No longer needing to put cash into that Botox fund immediately results in other places where you can invest your money: clothes, shoes, or overpriced, obscenely sexy lingerie.
  3. Time Multiplied.
    Now’s your chance to do the things for which Saturday and Sunday didn’t have enough time. Explore your neighborhood, your town, the places you’ve forgotten. Take yourself out on dates, sleep too late, eat donuts in front of the window of your local gym while all those drones are running for their lives (in place, mind you) on treadmills during their lunch breaks – your lunch break is four hours long if you want it to be.
  4. Freedom.
    There’s nothing more freeing than taking control of your life and your future. Redefine your notion of happy, your idea of success, the reasons you get out of bed in the morning. Understand that sometimes a means to an end isn’t always the way to go, and that it can be more fun to jump without knowing what’s at the bottom of the pool. Just remember to bring a helmet (ideally one that matches your new shoes) in case you mistaken the shallow end for the deep end.
  5. Endless Possibilities.
    This is your chance to rewrite the ending to your own story; and if it doesn’t work out right away, write another ending and another, fill your life up with chapters and adventures, people and places. Go on job interviews to places you’d never work, just for fun. Apply to your dream gig even if you lack experience. Learn the difference between a job and a career, and choose which one you want. Yes, it’s gonna be scary as hell, but isn’t that part of the allure? Isn’t it fun to be scared every once in awhile?

It’s true that not everyone will agree quitting your job is the best thing you’ll ever do, but it’s not up to them. They’ll tell you about financial security, responsibility and all those things that grown-ups like to spew, but as someone who walked out on her job one day, I’ll tell you now, it’s the best thing I ever did (I actually quit two jobs in my lifetime: one, I did so with pizzazz; the other I did with my head down). While you’ll always find people who wished they had quit their job, you’ll never come across someone who did quit and wished they hadn’t. Whoever said quitters never win never worked at a job that totally blew.