At TheGloss we see fire, rain, and a constant revolving door of interns – but we never thought we’d see the day where our fantastic editor Lilit Marcus was moving on. Of course, it helps that’s she’s moving on to our sister site, Crushable, so she’ll only be across the office.

 Still, for the past year, I’ve been privileged to learn about blogging from this incredible woman. She’s proved herself to be an amazing mentor and a wonderful editor. And, of course, her work really speaks for itself (including my personal favorite, “North Carolina Cupcake Shop Calls Customer Fat, Halfheartedly Apologizes“). The desk across from mine will seem very empty in her absence. I hope in the future I’ll be able to do as much for TheGloss as she has – and I hope that we’ll be able to get her to chime in from time to time.