You should read Cosmopolitan this month. Specifically, you should read page 162, where you’ll see an excerpt of The Gloss editor Lilit Marcus’s upcoming career book Save the Assistants.

Now, I know, career books suck. But that’s they’re always written by some CEO who hasn’t been an assistant for 40 years and gives you some vague speech about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps that doesn’t help teach you how to deal when your boss throws a stapler at you at all. Lilit’s book, on the other hand, is awesome. And funny. You’ll learn what it’s like to work for a terrible boss at the Evil Empire and how to make the best coffee ever. It comes on sale August 31st (pre-order your copy right this minute) but until then, you can just cut the pages out Cosmo and read it over and over. Just try not to let your boss see.