You know how our military doesn’t seem to be dealing well with all these pesky lil’ sexual assault cases* lately? Well, the Australian military does seem to care quite a bit, and has just made a huge point of having that known publicly in the PSA above.

In this video posted to the Australian army’s YouTube channel, its Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison lets people know that he doesn’t believe sexism is an ignorable problem; he thinks that sexists need to get out of the military if they cannot treat everyone, regardless of gender, as equals who deserve respect.

It is not unpatriotic to question awful, sexist behavior. It’s patriotic to support soldiers — male and female — in maintaining a healthy, productive environment without fear of sexual violence, harassment or discrimination. How can a military function properly internally if a significant percentage of its solders have to be afraid of rape, or if there are rapists within it? (Hint: It can’t.) Therefore, it is truly refreshing to see such a high-ranking person in a military organization say these words.

*Note: These are huge cases. I am being facetious, in the event you couldn’t tell and think I would ever trivialize something so awful. I’m just so embarrassed, saddened and horrified at how many rape and harassment have been ignored, I don’t know what else to do besides attempt to shake my head.