Scientists have discovered that beluga whales are nudists when it comes to humans; the Daily Mail reports that the giant sea mammals don’t like being touched by “artificial materials” like diving suits. That’s why when Russian scientist and diver Natalia Avseenko, 36, decided to swim with them, she agreed to strip down completely naked.

Granted, she’s training them for captivity, which I’m not particularly cool with, but there’s no arguing that she’s a badass for doing what she did. Avseenko took the suggestion of her fellow trainers and doffed her clothing completely in order to be with the whales in a way that made them comfortable, while braving Arctic waters that were just over 29 degrees farenheit. Most humans would die within five minutes of being submerged, but Avseenko, who is also a yoga and meditation expert, was able not only to survive but to hold her breath for over ten minutes while frolicing in the buff with these underseas behemoths.

And yes, that’s a real picture.