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Last week, Bullish (see Bullish Life: 3 Romantic Mistakes That Young Women Make That Cause Weeping Among The Angels And Kittens) addressed the romantic plight of reader “Betsy Ross” — a plight so sad that lady-kittens wept tragic rainbow tears that themselves contained tiny kittens, also weeping.

Also recently, Jen addressed a quick reader question in Bullish Life: Get Your Back-to-School Game On (Even If You’re Not in School) about maintaining high energy.

A few weeks before, reader “Daria” (Bullish Life: Getting Bullish in Practice as Well as in Theory) wrote in to say that she had “defined her values” (as recommended in Bullish Life: Making Better Decisions) but still felt that she was failing at being, well … bullish. “I have played it safe my whole life, I am a virgin, I don’t drive, I can’t even ride a bike,” she wrote. (Check out Jen’s advice here).

On The Grindstone, where Jennifer writes career advice on Fridays, Bullish has addressed questions about: making money as a circus photographer (see Madeleine Albright), being sexually harassed on the job (see Lucretia Mott), doing business with friends (see Lisa Simpson), when to quit your job to launch a company (see Christine de Pizan), and advice for those still in college (see Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa of Austria).

Would you like to join the pantheon of historically- and pop-culturally-renamed ladies with burning questions?

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