courtney stodden single pop

Remember when Courtney Stodden was a pop singer?

Here. Let me refresh your memory:


And now, she’s doing that again! But differently, maybe. Stodden is collaborating with a two Orange County-based music producers on a single which, as of yet, she has declined to name.  However, we’re hopeful that this new single will be full of alliteration, and Courtney tweets that “while hardcore hits dominate my every move – I suddenly strip – & jump on top of a sexy sports car as I begin to wash it uncontrollably!”

So, presumably this video has her on a car, not a boat! This is what we think of when we think of artists maturing as their careers advance. That and “smoothly shooting whipped cream into the erotic air and watching it as it lustfully lands on all the right places of my candy-coated body…’ We think Bob Dylan advertised all of his upcoming records in a similar manner.