Gordon Gekko

Do you wonder what to write in a cover letter? Moreover, do you like stories about kids sending off cover letters and then tons of people trying to hire them? Yes, of course you do. Happy cover letter stories are the fairy tales of the recession. Business Insider got a hold of this letter sent to a boutique investment firm which now has tons of people trying to hire the kid. The cover letter runs:

cover letter

I’m going to be perfectly honest – I like genius eccentricities, so I’d be more impressed if this kid had written a letter saying he was currently making a living as an elephant polo player. An elephant polo player in New York. That is probably how being a blogger is different than working in the financial industry.

But what is striking is the fact that it seems pretty humble. The company doesn’t really have anything to lose by employing someone who is literally willing to shine their shoes. Sample responses

“This might be the best cover letter I’ve ever  received. Second and third paragraphs, especially.”

“Not sure if either of you guys are looking for a lackey to build models and fetch coffee, but this guy could be worth a conversation.”

“No joke, I think we should consider this guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy gets at least a call from every bank out there.”

So, I guess, if you’re writing a cover letter, try to be humble, while also mentioning that your GPA is perfect. Find ways to do that. Happy story, everybody!

Via Picture via Wall Street