yeah he's deff looking at her chest

If you’re a woman searching for a job in Arizona, look no further than this insane Craigslist ad! That is, of course, if you’re not a fatty or an uggo.

This gag-worthy job listing has been making the rounds on Facebook this morning… and if it’s not actually a joke (which we suspect it is), then may god have mercy on our souls. Here’s an excerpt to give you a little taste:

Need Put Together receptionist who isn’t over weight.

THAT’s what we want to post; unfortunately we can’t.

News flash for job candidates: Call them idiotic, arrogant, or jackasses but employers literally size you up when considering you for a job. Honestly, if given a choice between a physically fit candidate vs one who does low weight/high rep arm curls with tortilla chips on the sofa why wouldn’t they choose the former? Now more than ever companies want employees who take great care of themselves (especially with impending Affordable Health Care Act insanity!). A physically fit employee is more productive and less prone to health risks and illness. That’s a fact Jack.

I mean, they make a good point. We all know that people’s body shapes are the most accurate way to measure their worth as human beings (just look at what incredibly thin Paris Hilton has contributed to society!), and we all know that an affinity for Tostitoss renders you completely incapable of answering telephones. That’s a fact, Jack. It gets weirder, too:

Position is designed for a woman. Please send resume, references, and photos. We would especially love to see pics of your dog and your summer vacation.

Are they subtly asking for a bathing suit pic? If so, I’m not sure they understand how subtly works.

Okay, here’s the thing. I’ve been around the internet long enough to know that this could very well be a joke– or a “social experiment” conducted by Tumblr feminists determined to expose the way we deal with everyday sexism– so I’m not suggesting we launch an angry mob on whoever posted it. What’s really shitty about it, though, is that we have no way of knowing whether or not it’s supposed to be satire. Yeah, it’s over the top– but is it that far off from real opinions we see online every day? Is it that far off from things we’ve heard coworkers say, or conversations we’ve overheard in bars? Not really. Nooot really.

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