It’s happened more times than I can remember: you walk into the office in your cute new purple blouse only to see that five of your coworkers inexplicably also decided to wear purple that day. Just like women who work together sometimes end up with synced menstrual cycles, some of them also end up dressing alike without any planning or coordination. The Morris + King Company, a public relations firm in New York City, noticed lots of coworker dress-alike incidents. That inspired two of their employees, account supervisors Katie Smith-Adair and Jen Moses, to start a blog called Did You Get the Memo? On the blog, they post pictures of coworkers with similar outfits, from plaid shirts to striped ties. We spoke to Jen and Katie about how their work project became a full-on obsession.

Why did you create the blog?

We’re a small agency – we have about 25 people – and our boss, Andy [Morris], noticed that we had a high occurrence of people showing up in the same or very similar outfits, so we decided to document it. Usually it’s us, but sometimes it’s clients who are visiting the office or people who stop by, so we put them on the blog too. I think we started the site about a year and a half ago. Right now it’s all us, but we’d love to get outside submissions. The first person who sends us a submission, we’ll take them to lunch! [Editor’s note: you can email to submit.]

What sorts of trends do you notice in terms of the similar outfits?

One of our clients is Classic Media, and they license entertainment brands, so a lot of us have Casper the Friendly Ghost T-shirts and wear those.  We have a lot of guys in the office, and the blue button-down is like a standard for them. The girls’ examples are much funnier because they’re variations of the same thing – two plaid shirts and a plaid dress, for example. We also see non-dress-code things like shirts and leggings.

Do you all overlap in other areas as well? I once worked at a company that had four pregnant chicks at the same time, and I was sure something was in the water.

No pregnant women. However, we all go to the same restaurants or see the same movies. We pass around tips to each other. One girl in our office reads all the celebrity memoirs and passes them around – we’ve all read Lauren Conrad’s book.

We’re a creative office. A lot of of us have our own websites or blogs. We spend a lot of time coming up with ideas for blogs for other people, so this time we decided to keep one for ourselves!

What other style and fashion sites do you like? I mean, besides The Gloss, obviously.

We love And we like Jordan Reid and read her blog.

What’s next for Did You Get the Memo?

We want a book deal. We want to be the next This Is Why You’re Fat. Or, wait, maybe the next Look at This Fucking Hipster. Or maybe we could do a Morris + King reality show!

What fictional workplace (movie, TV show) is your office the most like?

Maybe a little bit Ugly Betty. But without the bitchiness.

And we’re kind of like Millionaire Matchmaker. That’s a workplace show! We have no filter, we just let it all out. But we don’t have millionaires. Or golddiggers.