When signing up for social networks sites require you to list your professional title. Since I started the JZ worldwide lifestyle business and paid to incorporate, I can truthfully state that I am a CEO, Founder, President, Creator and Producer.  Meanwhile, if I am independently contracted as a consultant at a start up clothing company and as one of four founding members, I am their VP of Media and Social Networking.

Fancy, right? Yeah, I basically made that title up and then got the go-ahead from the big bosses to put it on a business card. Point is, on your road to success, while you’re faking it, give yourself the coolest title imaginable. Queen Baron Jess Esquire, M.D. is not too shabby. Ok, so that sounds ridiculous, but the sentiment is the same.  You WILL grow into your name if you appoint it to yourself.

I absolutely see the difference the title makes when people take my calls or respond more quickly to my emails. What used to take a week now takes a day. People want to talk to a VP or CEO. It makes them feel more important to deal with such a higher up and in turn you’ll receive more respect, credit and invites to power BBQ’s.

It’s as though my “promotion” in job title qualifies me to be speaking with other CEO’s and Presidents. And that’s exactly what I am after; the ability to get to the top and get the job done. There a few tricks you can use in following up on your power title.  Vistaprint.com is a known service that offers free business cards. Put an order in with your new title blazing and in no time, doors will open for you and your new position. Auto-generate your signature at the end of all emails so that your title is etched in people’s minds. More often than not, they’ll always call a (insert job title here) when they know there is a (insert job title here) that comes to mind.

If you’ve got the cash, check out LegalZoom.com and for less than a thousand, you can incorporate for CEO status. This smarty pants business choice may cost you some cash in the beginning, but it will pay off soon enough. With your own business, there are tax breaks and employment benefits galore.

Another quick tip to legitimize your title is with your own company website. I’ve been a loyal customer of Doteasy.com for over a decade and when I have a product or event or even myself to push, I pay the $25 a year to this very cool Canadian company and they set me up with everything I need for a customized URL. If you’re a MAC user, the iWeb program on iLife allows you to build your own site for Free Ninety Nine. With an easy to follow template, a customized site with a bio, resume and some professional and/or motivational photos (like the kitty hanging from the tree branch encouraging you to ‘hang on’) can be yours in less than 24 hours. If you don’t use a MAC or are not creatively inclined to build it yourself, Doteasy has the service available for a fraction of what a graphics and IT team would cost.

Now that you are all set on the social network, take your self out in to the real world. There are many meet up groups you can find online to attend, business cards in hand. Channel your inner Tess McGill and make it known that you mean business. My current VP status was a result of a Fashion meets Finance party at a Midtown bar. Never did I think a bit of confidence, elbow grease and a vodka tonic would land me here. It did and I am thankful for it. So do your research and get ready to rock the free world. Your self promotion is not just a double entendre. It’s a way to fake it ‘til you make it.