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Did you have a shitty first job (or second or third job)?  I definitely did.  I worked for Mandee, a cheap, semi-crappy, clothing store for teens.  I got the job right before I started my senior year of high school, and worked there up until I left for college.  For a measly $6.25 an hour, I would walk around the store, putting clothes back, taking things off the tall rack, answering customers’ questions, and suffering the abuse the disgruntled managers inflicted on us teenaged sales associates.  We weren’t allowed to discuss pay with one another or take off on major holidays like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, all rules which I broke.   Looking back, I don’t know why I stayed there almost a year.  I didn’t really need the money all that badly (not that I made a ton of it), and I was certainly busy enough in school, doing cheerleading, and applying to college.  I guess I wanted to see what having a “job” was like and didn’t want my parents to have to pay for my shopping and eating-out habits.   It definitely showed me that one career that wasn’t a good fit for me was retail, and that I was lucky to be able to go to a good college and never have to suffer through a job like that as an adult.

Luckily, I’m not alone in the bad first job experience category.  Our very own editor here at The Gloss, Lilit, had perhaps the shittiest first job I’ve ever heard of, as a much-unappreciated assistant, and now she’s an editor!  The experience as an assistant inspired her to start a successful website and even write a book about her experience, called Save the Assistants: A Guide to Thriving and Surviving in the Workplace. Plenty of celebrities had less-than-stellar first jobs, and look where they’ve wound up!  Many even credit their earliest jobs, which may have sucked, to leading them to where they are today in their careers. Take a look through the gallery to see which celebrities had unglamourous, and at times, embarrassing first jobs.  This should give you hope, whether you’re suffering as an underpaid, overworked assistant or dressed up as a hotdog handing out coupons on the street corner.  And tell us: did you have a shitty first job?[ITPGallery]