We would say we’ve found our new dream job, except for the fact that we’re bitter harpies.

But it could be your new dream job.

A site called AwesomenessReminders is looking for people to call strangers every day and tell them that they’re awesome. How do you know they’re awesome? Because they paid $45 a month to sign up for the service! After the basic “you’re awesome” message, you’re free to improvise the rest of the call.

According to one user:

“My best friend from college called me to tell me that when my personalized message was given to him that it was the best call he had ever received in his life. I’m not exaggerating. Those were his exact words. In this world of insults and epithets, it is nice to see someone promoting happiness and encouragement. If you are considering signing up for this service, do so with confidence. It really is a gift that keeps on giving.”

Okay, we feel really sad that people need strangers to call them to remind them of their awesomeness. But we (not TheGloss staff, but the larger we, I’m talking about ourselves as we envision ourselves) are willing to be those strangers! For $8.50 an hour and a cubicle in the spectacular mountain view office!

And, even though we are bitter harpies, just in case we don’t tell you enough: you’re awesome.