Gloria Allred is like the Where’s Waldo of high-profile, illicit affairs. If you look hard enough, you’re bound to find her there in the background (or, indeed, the foreground) of the news conference du jour.

Allred’s latest client appears to be none other than former porn actress Ginger Lee, recipient of many a scandalous tweet from Representative Anthony Weiner. At a press conference today, Allred reiterated on behalf of her client that Lee didn’t respond to the congressman’s repeated attempts to get cyber-sexual with her, and that now, Lee wants her privacy back and to lay low and get on with her normal life.

According to TMZ, Allred stepped in after Lee got a threat from an unidentified source that they would issue a statement claiming to be from Lee. Allred tells TMZ that: “Ginger would like it to be known that she has not authorized any person, except me, her attorney, to issue statements on her behalf.”


At any rate, I, for one, like Ginger Lee. If you haven’t already, take a look at her personal blog, Ginger Lee’s Guide to Life & Other Important Stuff. It’s endearing, honest and smart. About her lupus, which she talks about openly, she says “Do people honestly think they’re being witty when they quote House after I tell them I have lupus?”

And about her stripping career, she writes, “We’re really not all terrible people, and it’s rather upsetting when people all want to throw us under a bus simply because of our job.”

Team Ginger Lee.