It’s not enough for celebrities to have fragrances and skincare lines – now, they want a slice of the internet pie. (Mmm, pie.) Celebrities from Gwyneth to Gisele are now launching websites where they can pretend to be relatable and approachable while endorsing expensive products and talking about their famous friends. Next up is Heidi Klum, the supermodel/Project Runway host/mom of four, who has just inked a deal with AOL to produce lady-specific content. While it’s not clear whether Klum will actually be writing any of the content or if this is just a branding venture, the New York Post points out that the partnership comes on the heels of many staff layoffs at AOL. The article notes, “The company said its strategy with Klum was to reach women, who are an underserved demographic online.”

Hmmm. Women are underserved online. If only some websites aimed at them existed. Maybe I can find one.