B5 media just launched two new sister sites, Mommyish and Grindstone. Mommyish is for moms, but the cool kind, not the jerk kind, and Grindstone is for career women.

This means that we have new people in the office and Ashley is trying so hard to refrain from putting random objects in her nose in front of them until they know her better. But she says this whole sacrifice, the whole “not being who she is” element of the transition is worth it, because the new sites are great! Hah, I lied, Ashley didn’t say that at all, Ashley just misses the nose-stuffing freedom.

But the new sites are great, and you’ll find some authors you know and love from TheGloss over at them. Amanda Chatel who has opined about how awful sweatpants are and how men have to stop wearing white socks is the new associate editor of Grindstone. Meanwhile, you’ll be seeing Lindsay Cross, who is the coolest mom I know, regularly at Mommyish.

Jeez, I hope they keep writing for us, sometimes.

You should really go visit the sites. For serious. You’ll find out about how moms have no bladder control and how they could just not sleep to balance career and family! Or about how to wear make-up in the office or women fleeing finance because of their male co-workers.

I’d say more, but Ashley is sticking chopsticks up her nose again, and I have to shield her in a last, desperate attempt to make our new friends think we’re normal. Just go. Go visit them.